University of Mississippi Policies

The University of Mississippi Policy Directory is a central location for accessing and posting University-wide policies. The site also provides procedures and tools for the creation, revision, and periodic review of University policies. The Policy on Policy Management describes these processes.

Policies changed in last 21 days:

ADM.AC.300.800 Collection and Remittance of Sales Tax
HRO.BE.600.030 Major Medical Leave-12-Month Employees
HRO.EM.300.310 Non-Institutional Employment Practices
HRO.BE.600.020 Personal Leave for Twelve-Month Employee
HRO.EM.300.270 Terminal Interviews
HRO.EM.300.260 Terminations
ADM.AC.300.920 Unrelated Business Income
PUR.AP.100.016 Food Purchases
PUR.AP.100.003 Allowable Entertainment - Spending
PUR.AP.100.007 Awards - Spending
PUR.PO.109.005 Bid Requirement - Exceptions
PUR.CM.104.001 Campus Mail - Personal Packages
HRO.EM.300.070 Employment of Students
HRO.GP.100.010 Employment-At-Will
PUR.AP.100.005 Gifts - Spending
HRO.GP.100.020 Human Resource Policies Disclaimer
PUR.AP.100.001 Inappropriate Use of Funds - Spending
PUR.AP.100.002 Payment Without P.O. - Spending
PUR.AP.100.012 Payment to Non-U.S. Citizens - Spending
PUR.AP.100.015 Professional Services - Spending
PUR.AP.100.006 Promotional Items - Spending
PUR.PO.109.002 Purchases Misrepresented as Personal
PUR.PO.109.003 Purchasing - Energy Star Products
PUR.AP.100.008 Scholarships & Fellowships - Spending
HRO.BE.600.220 Social Security
PUR.AP.100.013 Subcontracted Agencies - Spending
HRO.BE.600.150 Tuition Benefit for Children
PUR.AP.100.004 Unallowable Entertainment -Spending
PUR.AS.101.001 Use of University Aircraft
PUR.PI.108.500 Vehicles and Fleet Management
CHA.AM.100.103 Facilities Use Policy
CHA.LM.300.001 Weapons on Campus
PUR.PI.108.041 Disposal of University Equipment
PUR.PI.108.001 Inventory Requirements
CHA.AM.100.102 Drug
CHA.AM.100.105 Environmental Leadership Commitment
ACA.IT.100.030 Official Web Pages
HRO.BE.600.330 Participation in Wellness Program Activi
HRO.EM.300.400 Suspension or Debarment from Federal Pro
ACA.IT.100.090 UM Mobile App

Policy Development

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