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Meeting Date: 05/19/2008
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Angle, Mr. Timothy R.
Bunniran, Ms. Suvapun
Buntin, Dr. Bonnie P.
Burnham, Dr. Paul T.
Canty, Dr. Ann L.
Chitwood, Dr. Linda F.
Clark, Dr. Alice M.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Davis, Dr. Samuel M.
Eftink, Dr. Maurice R.
Fant, Dr. Charlotte N.
Gates, Dr. Kathryn F.
Gispen, Dr. Cornelis
Harrington, Ms. Mary M.
Hopkins, Dr. Glenn W.
Lee, Dr. Kai F.
Monroe, Mr. Stephen
Pate, Dr. James P.
Rholes, Ms. Julia M.
Staton, Dr. Carolyn E.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
Wells, Dr. Barbara L.
Wicker, Mr. McDaniel
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Williamson, Dr. John S.

Other Attendance Information

Gail Herrera (for Julia Rholes), Del Hawley (for Ken Cyree), Michael Metcalf, Morris Stocks, Noel Wilkin Visitors: Eddie Upton, Frank Matthew, Margaret Walden

Additional Minutes Notes

1. Demonstration of the Degree Audit System (Walden, Upton, and Matthew) - Live with the 2007 catalog (other catalogs will be added) exceptions can be added by the Deans' offices - This is an advising tool only at this point 2. Update on tuition increase request (Stocks) 3. Med Center is adopting SAP and will run in our landscape - after the presidential debate, UM will assist them in this endeavor (Gates) 4. Report on the May intercession (increase) and summer enrollment (1st down a bit and 2nd stable) (Angle) 5. SACS Update (Eftink) - faculty are to upload their CVs - 72 reports so far and will be available for public comment 6. Thank you for your efforts on Graduation (Stocks)



Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 04/04/2008

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Unanimously Approved (Chitwood/Hopkins) 1. Changes in prerequisites for ES 446 were discussed and approved - Deans Hopkins and Chitwood indicated that there was really nothing new regarding these prerequisites and that they have been operating this way for 9 years. The Council approved this item, which was approved by Undergraduate Council pending a review to ensure that this will not overload the physics courses. 2. Academic Calendar - Dr. Fant discussed extending the registration period - There was some concern that leaving the registration period open longer might extend advising time for advisors (particularly faculty advisors) - the Council agreed that there should be consistency from semester to semester - no changes to the Academic Calendar (approved by Undergraduate Council) were made 3. New Undergraduate Degree Programs - Provost Stocks discussed the deadlines surrounding the creation of new programs - All must be submitted to IHL by March 1 and that IHL will not yeild on that date/deadline

Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 05/02/2008

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Unanimously Approved (Hopkins/DSG) Discussion Surrounding Policies from Independent Study and Online Department - There was some discussion about testing procedures for online courses - The content of the courses is handled by the department offering the courses - Outreach is the group that is the conduit to offering online courses and testing - There is a task force to look at issue surrounding online education, it was suggested that a report to Academic Council would be appropriate - All policies regarding online courses need to be consistent for the entire student body including athletics


Minutes of Graduate Council meeting on 04/18/2008

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Unanimously Approved (Wells/Gispen) Note that tabled Music (MUS 595, 596, and Change in Program) and MIS (MIS609) agenda items from the minutes of 4/18/08 were approved in the 5/2/08 Meeting of the Graduate Council.

Minutes of Graduate Council meeting on 05/02/2008

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Unanimously Approved (Eftink/Wells)