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Meeting Date: 10/16/2017
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Adrian, Mr. John C.
Allen, Dr. David D.
Ammeter, Dr. Anthony P.
Botero, Ms. Cecilia E.
Busby, Dr. Anna K.
Caffera, Mr. Paul J.
Carithers, Dr. Teresa C.
Cheng, Dr. Alexander H.
Cohen, Dr. Lee M.
Cole, Dr. Donald R.
Cowherd, Mr. Derek S.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Duncan, Ms. Susan H.
Forgette, Dr. Richard G.
Gladden, Dr. Joseph R.
Gregory, Dr. Rickey R.
Jourdan, Ms. Mary
Markley, Dr. Derek L.
McElroy, Mrs. Anna T.
Myers, Mr. Hunter
Noonan, Dr. Brice
Norton, Dr. H W.
Pegues, Dr. Charlotte F.
Reid, Dr. Talmage J.
Rimoldi, Dr. John M.
Rock, Dr. David
Rodrigues, Mr. Nishanth J.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
West Strum, Dr. Donna S.
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Wilkin, Dr. Noel E.
Wyandt, Dr. Christy M.

Other Attendance Information

Katrina Caldwell, Maurice Eftink, Edward Miller, Brandi Hephner Labanc, Alicia Bouldin for David Allen, Don Dyer for Lee Cohen, Charlie Mitchell for Will Norton

Additional Minutes Notes

Motion13: Motion to approve letter of appeal by Reed Gendron and allow his transfer hours to count while on academic probation -Approved (Sullivan-Gonzalez/Reid --13 for and 8 against)



Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 10/06/2017

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Motion 1: Course Changes, Additions, Deletions- Approved (Sullivan-Gonzalez/Wyandt), Motion 2: Change Program: B.A. in Southern Studies-Approved (Wyandt/Ammeter), Motion 3: Change Program: B.S. in Chemistry-Approved (Wyandt/Rimoldi), Motion 4: Change Program: B.A. in Psychology-Approved (Wyandt/Dyer) , Motion 5: Change Program: B.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications - Approved (Mitchell/Sullivan-Gonzalez), Motion 6: Change Program: B.A.S.R.A. in Sport and Recreation Admin -Approved (Carithers/Wyandt), Motion 7: Change Program: B.E. in Engineering- Approved (Cheng/Wyandt), Motion 8: Change Program: B.S.G.E. in Geological Engineering -Approved (Cheng/Wyandt), Motion 9: Change Minor: Southern Studies-Approved (Sullivan-Gonzalez/Dyer), Motion 10: Change Minor-Psychology-Approved (Dyer/Wyandt --17 for, 4 against), Motion 11: Academic Requirement:College of Liberal Arts-Change in psychology course -Approved (Dyer/Wilder--19 for,2 abstain), Motion 12:Credit-By-Examinations-Approved(Sullivan-Gonzalez/Dyer)

Course Information

No School Assigned

Academic Requirement(s)      
  Credit-By Examinations (AP, CLEP, IB) updates