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Meeting Date: 08/15/2016
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Allen, Dr. David D.
Almutairy, Mr. Bjad
Ammeter, Dr. Anthony P.
Barnett, Mr. Michael A.
Bell, Ms. Deborah H.
Botero, Ms. Cecilia E.
Burton, Mr. Velmer S.
Busby, Ms. Anna K.
Cheng, Dr. Alexander H.
Cohen, Dr. Lee M.
Cowherd, Mr. Derek S.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Egiebor, Dr. Nosa O.
Fiene, Mr. Scott A.
Gates, Dr. Kathryn F.
Gladden, Dr. Joseph R.
Gregory, Dr. Rickey R.
Keena, Ms. Linda D.
Kellum, Dr. Karen K.
Markley, Dr. Derek L.
Martin, Ms. Jane
Norton, Dr. H W.
Pegues, Dr. Charlotte F.
Rock, Dr. David
Stocks, Dr. Morris H.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Wilkin, Dr. Noel E.
Wyandt, Dr. Christy M.

Other Attendance Information

David Gregory for David Allen, Cris Surbeck for Alex Cheng, and visitors included Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Larry Sparks, Daphne Cain, Javier Boyas, and Mark Loftin

Additional Minutes Notes

Brandi Hephner LaBanc gave an update on the Vice Chancellor search and Larry Sparks gave an update on the budget



Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 08/05/2016

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Motion 1: Add Program: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Approved (Cyree/Rock) Motion 2: Add Program: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering - Approved (Sullivan-Gonzalez/Surbeck) No action only discussion about Add Program: Ph.D. in Social Welfare to be considered by Graduate Council this month