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Meeting Date: 02/14/2013
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Allen, Dr. David D.
Barnett, Mr. Michael A.
Burton, Mr. Velmer S.
Cheng, Dr. Alexander H.
Chitwood, Dr. Linda F.
Clark, Dr. Alice M.
Cowherd, Mr. Derek S.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Dandridge, Ms. Kimbrely
Eftink, Dr. Maurice R.
Gates, Dr. Kathryn F.
Gershon, Mr. Ira R.
Harrington, Ms. Mary M.
Hopkins, Dr. Glenn W.
Jackson, Mr. Tristen
James, Ms. Jessica
Kiss, Dr. John Z.
Love, Dr. Fannye E.
Metcalf, Dr. Michael F.
Norton, Dr. H W.
Pate, Dr. James P.
Pegues, Dr. Charlotte F.
Repka, Dr. Michael A.
Rholes, Ms. Julia M.
Rock, Dr. David
Rutherford, Dr. Angela S.
Stocks, Dr. Morris H.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Wilkin, Dr. Noel E.

Other Attendance Information

The business of this meeting was handled by electronic vote.

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Minutes of Graduate Council meeting on 02/08/2013

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Minutes of this meeting (and all approved agenda items) approved by majority vote using electronic ballot.