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Meeting Date: 02/20/2012
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Adams, Mr. Brent
Albritton, Dr. Robert B.
Angle, Mr. Timothy R.
Boyd, Dr. Carol M.
Canty, Dr. Ann L.
Cheng, Dr. Alexander H.
Clark, Dr. Alice M.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Eftink, Dr. Maurice R.
Fant, Dr. Charlotte N.
Gates, Dr. Kathryn F.
Gershon, Mr. Ira R.
Harrington, Ms. Mary M.
Hopkins, Dr. Glenn W.
Love, Dr. Fannye E.
Metcalf, Dr. Michael F.
Norton, Dr. H W.
Pate, Dr. James P.
Phillips, Ms. Kristina
Repka, Dr. Michael A.
Rholes, Ms. Julia M.
Rock, Dr. David
Schiferl, Ms. Karen E.
Stocks, Dr. Morris H.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
Wei, Ms. Yi
Wells, Dr. Barbara L.
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Wilkin, Dr. Noel E.
Wyandt, Dr. Christy M.

Other Attendance Information

Dr. Tom Lombardo (for Dr. Alice Clark); Dr. David Allen (System entries for Barbara Wells have not been updated yet); Dr. Kees Gispen

Additional Minutes Notes



Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 02/03/2012

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Motion 1: Course Changes, Additions, Deletions (all except BISC 160) - Approved (Hopkins/Sullivan-Gonzalez) Motion 2: Changes in B.M. in Music and B.A. in Music - Approved (Hopkins/Rholes) Motion 3: Add Minor in Math Education - Approved (Rock/Boyd) Motion 4: Add Minor in Education - Approved (Rock/Gershon) Motion 5: Definition of Credit Hour - Approved (Rholes/Allen) Motion 6: Optional Minor for B.S. Degree - Approved (Hopkins/Rholes) Motion 7: Add Minor in Journalism to list of approved minors in the College of Liberal Arts - Approved (Hopkins/Sullivan-Gonzalez) No Action taken on BISC160 course change or change in preliminary requirements for B.A. & B.S. in Biology (tabled by Undergraduate Council)


Minutes of Graduate Council meeting on 02/17/2012

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
Motion 8: Course Changes, Additions, Deletions - Approved (Allen/Norton) Motion 9: Change in M.M. in Music - Approved (Wyandt/Boyd) Motion 10: Change in M.A. in Anthropology - Approved (Wyandt/Boyd) Motion 11: Changes to Programs in Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction, Ph.D. in Education, Ed.S. in Counselor Education, and M.A. in Higher Education/Student Personnel - Approved (Rock/Rholes) Motion 5 (from Undergraduate Council): Definition of Credit Hour - Approved (Rholes/Allen) Motion 12: Addition of Outcomes Track to Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration - Approved (Allen/Repka) No Action taken on Play Therapy Certificate (denied by Graduate Council) or Restriction of 600-level English Courses proposal (tabled by Graduate Council)