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Meeting Date: 10/18/2010
Meeting Time: 1:30 PM
Meeting Location: Lyceum 200


Name Present Absent
Albritton, Dr. Robert B.
Angle, Mr. Timothy R.
Buntin, Dr. Bonnie P.
Canty, Dr. Ann L.
Cheng, Dr. Alexander H.
Chitwood, Dr. Linda F.
Clark, Dr. Alice M.
Cyree, Dr. Kendall B.
Eftink, Dr. Maurice R.
Fant, Dr. Charlotte N.
Gates, Dr. Kathryn F.
Gershon, Mr. Ira R.
Gispen, Dr. Cornelis
Harrington, Ms. Mary M.
Hopkins, Dr. Glenn W.
Jackson, Mr. Jermaine
Metcalf, Dr. Michael F.
Moss, Mr. Phelton
Nordstrom, Dr. Timothy W.
Norton, Dr. H W.
Pate, Dr. James P.
Rholes, Ms. Julia M.
Rock, Dr. David
Schiferl, Ms. Karen E.
Stocks, Dr. Morris H.
Sullivan-Gonzalez, Dr. Douglass
Wells, Dr. Barbara L.
Wilder, Dr. Wallace M.
Wilkin, Dr. Noel E.

Other Attendance Information

Dr. Lynne Murchison (for Mr. Tim Angle), Mr. Eddie Upton (for Dr. Kathy Gates), Dr. Tim Letzring (for Dean David Rock), Dr. Donna West-Strum (for Dean Barbara Wells)

Additional Minutes Notes



Minutes of Undergraduate Council meeting on 10/01/2010

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
1. Course Changes, Additions, and Deletions - Approved (Jackson/Wilder) 2. B.A. in Linguistics - Approved (Hopkins/Sullivan-Gonzalez) 3. B.S. in Geology in School of Engineering & Deletion of B.S. in Geology from College of Liberal Arts - Approved (Gershon/Norton) 4. CLEP Credit Proposal - Approved (Hopkins/Eftink) 5. Change in Minor in Linguistics - Approved (Hopkins/Sullivan-Gonzalez)


Minutes of Graduate Council meeting on 09/17/2010

Council of Academic Administrators Notes:
1. Course Changes, Additions, and Deletions - Approved (Hopkins/Eftink) Note: Honors Colleges courses were Approved by Undergraduate Council (previous CAA meeting) and Denied by Graduate Council due to the fact that Graduate Students will not take them. Dr. Sullivan-Gonzalez will review the course numbering to determine if a 500-level course number is required. 2. M.A. in Modern Languages - Approved (Hopkins/Jackson) 3. Student Petition Appeal of Dismissal - Tonya Collins - Denial upheld (Eftink/Rholes) 4. Alternative Standards for Graduate School Admission Proposal - Approved (Eftink/Cyree) Note that alternative standards developed by departments will be sent through the Workflow system. 5. Pearson's Test of Academic English Proposal - Approved (Eftink/Norton)

Course Information

No School Assigned

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